Hello! My name is Lillian and I am an Indian born Canadian, presently living in tropical Bali.

Growing up in the south of India, as a little girl I was interested in differences – anyone different to me, I always sought out. As most people know India is a land of diversity, colour and complexity. I loved that all I had to do was be in my class-room, in a friends house or on the street in front of my house and have so many friends from different parts of India – who talked different languages, dressed differently, ate different foods, practiced different religions and customs, yet we were all Indian. These differences intrigued me.

My interest in differences, as a child continued and from a very young age I became interested in different cultures and other peoples way of life. This led me to become a traveller and work and live in many different countries around the world.

I am very fortunate to have the life I live. I am a mother to two amazing boys, work in international public health, and am passionate about mindfully living, eating and breathing. I love being a full time island dweller and living a very slow paced island life. On this island, I am able to continue being a happy herbivore, enjoy and cherish all the beautiful Bali moments I get to experience, including different cultures and people I meet on a daily basis. Yet continue with adventurous traveling and, be a global citizen all at the same time.

One thing I am not, is a writer. I am a very hands on person and like to do things instead of sitting behind my computer and writing about the things I have done. Having said this, I decided to attempt writing a blog about living in tropical Bali, mainly because I get many emails from friends and family around the world asking me to send pictures and update them on my life.

Given that I have now lived in a few different countries, have many friends and family scattered around the globe and find it hard to keep in touch with most people, because of my lack of interest in writing. I thought it best to write about my experiences and life on this island (in hopes that friends and family will come and visit me).

To travel mindfully is to live.

Lillian x

p.s. I love being upside down more than being on my feet – a quirk or a difference?