Hello Bali

This is what I woke up to, first day in Bali. Selamat Pagi (Good morning)


With this breathtaking view, my Jet-lag seemed to disappear. I had flown over 22 hours and was in transit in different airports for over 8 hours; my heart was heavy from leaving a life I loved and all my friends back in Canada…

…living in the present moment – Hello Bali

I’m only  about 4 month’s behind on blogging on my life in Bali, can’t believe I’ve been in Bali for close to 4 months!   I’ll post a few pictures below of some of the things that have happened or I’ve done in the last 4 months and then I’m heading to bed. I have an early morning yoga class to attend at Desa Seni -check out their site. This will probably make a lot of my Canadian buddies want to come and visit me – Yeaaah! I love doing yoga at this eco village, located in my hood – 5 minutes from my place. All classes are practiced in the open on a wooden bale surrounded by nature.  Such a treat for my senses, to have this luxury. http://www.desaseni.com

Ok, here are some pictures:

First picture is what I see every day – rice fields. Even though I live in the city of Canggu, there are still working rice fields along the way, when I’m dropping boys off to school or going to a yoga class…


Taj my 8 year old, proudly exhibiting his mosquito bites. He fell sick after 2 weeks of being in Bali and we though he had dengue because of how many bites he had. Thankfully not:)


My favourite tropical fruit plate with coconut water while I work and a picture of my first green smoothie I made in Bali. I’m SO thankful I brought my vitamix from Canada.

Fresh mangoes for my smoothie

IMG_2634Daily ritual, watching the sunset at the beach down our street at Pantai Berawa with our beloved borrowed dog – Bella.

We LOVE Bella

Boys were off school last week- end of first term. So we went snorkelling to Candidasa. No pictures of us snorkelling, because I forgot to take my waterproof case for my iPhone. But here are some from our trip.
First picture is of Mount Agung, the highest point on the island. The Balinese believe that Mount Agung is a replica of Mount Meru, the central axis of the universe. One legend holds that the mountain is a fragment of Meru brought to Bali by the first Hindus. The most important temple on Bali, Pura Besakih, is located high on the slopes of Gunung Agung



I’m convinced my boys are half fish. They LOVE the ocean and are really getting into all kinds of water sports.




My favourite thing to do these days…actually I’m working really hard on my new business. I’ll blog about this another day, after I launch it:) Off to bed now, Selamat tidur…oh yes, I forgot to mention that I’m learning Indonesian Bahasa and…ahh…I’ve got a long way to go.