Never keep the toilet seat up in the tropics

This is why


After a tiring day of sourcing products for my new business and being stuck in Bali traffic I was greeted by a friendly dancing frog in my toilet bowl.

A few weeks ago I found this in my utility room:


Living in Bali is so interesting. Yesterday my car decided to stop during rush hour, right in the middle of one of the busiest roads in Bali- Jalan Sunset- it’s like a mini highway with three lanes on each side of the road and it’s ALWAYS busy, but crazy busy at rush hour ( driving in Bali is a science, that I dislike passionately, but have mastered very well). Not one of the 10 million motorbikes or cars on the road beeped at me. I put on my emergency lights, ran across the street to the first store I saw and asked for help. Still no beeps, commuters just drove around me, while peeps from the store pushed my car to the side of the street. Reason for car stopping- empty tank, and I checked the fuel guage twice to make sure I had enough petrol before I left…duh! I actually checked the temperature gauge and thought I was fine. I forget that everything is on the opposite side here in Bali, unlike back home. So the fuel gauge is on the left not right!

A very nice friendly Balinese guy who helped me push my car to the side took me on his motorbike to the closest petrol station (albeit driving on the wrong side of the road and on the side walk) and I was able to purchase two mineral bottles of petrol.


Voila! I was back on the road again-dripping in sweat, my heart racing and only 60 minutes later, but greatful for all the kindness and help. I’m yet to encounter a rude Balinese person. The few rude, angry people I’ve met so far are expats.

On the subject of sweat, something I am learning to live with and embrace!!!!!! (out of lack of choice).  I now know I am made up of more than 75% water, despite my junior high biology class teaching me otherwise. I love the heat, but humidity does not like me. When I’m not working or having fun, this is what I’m doing – rarely, of course 😉


I also have been doing a lot of this – watching the sunset at  Berawa beach down my street or from my balcony outside my bedroom. The sunsets are so beautiful and mystical here, that most evenings, I’m literally running to the beach in time to watch the sun go down. These are not the best pictures because I used my iphone. Next time I’m at Echo beach I’ll remember to take my camera and wide angle lens. The sunsets at Echo beach are stunning, even better than Berewa because of the way the shore line curves.